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JMCC releases Draft Peer Review Team Report

Jan 4, 2021 - The Joint Municipal Coordinating Committee (JMCC) released the Draft Peer Review Team Report to the community today along with an updated timeline infographic that shows the status of the Southwestern Landfill Proposal’s Draft Environmental Assessment (EA). The report is the culmination of eight years of research and critique of how Walker proposes to manage the economic, social, cultural, environmental, health and other impacts of the proposed landfill on Oxford's communities. Read more

Read the Report: Peer Review Report | Southwestern Landfill Proposal Draft Environmental Assessment Report (Submitted August 12, 2020)

Read Walker's comments on the report: Walker Environmental Group | Summary of Revisions/Action Items Arising from JMCC PRT Comments on the Southwestern Landfill Draft EA (December 1, 2020)

Read the letter by JMCC Chair Marcus Ryan: JMCC Response to Comments on the JMCC Peer Review of the Draft EA (Dec 17, 2020)

Download the EA Timeline infographic: The EA and JMCC Peer Review process (Jan 4, 2021)

In the news

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About the committee

The Joint Municipal Coordinating Committee (JMCC)is the voice of the municipalities most directly affected by a proposal for a large-scale landfill in Southwestern Ontario:Zorra Township, theTown of Ingersoll, theTownship of South-West Oxford, and theCounty of Oxford, which comprises Oxford's eight local area municipalities.

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What is the Southwestern Ontario Landfill Proposal?

The landfill proposal wassubmittedin March 2012 by Walker Environmental Group. The proposed site of the landfillis in Zorra Township bordering the Town of Ingersoll and South-West Oxford Township. Known locally as Beachville Lime, the site is owned by Carmeuse Lime (Canada).

Visit the Walker Industries Southwestern Landfill Proposal website